"The GYA Program has helped me in many aspects of life such as evaluating myself and knowing how to make personal changes so that I can help make changes in my community. I had an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge."
Sophie (Wellington, New Zealand)
"This program has definitely provided me with the education and motivation to apply certain skills to my life. I think the skills taught in these sessions will not only impact my life when I'm fundraising and participating in service, but also in various other scenarios such as school, jobs and socially."
Garima (Brisbane, Australia)
"This program completely exceeded my expectations. It let me do a lot of personal growth and helped me see what I can do for the people in my (and others) community. I would like to implement the things I learnt (public speaking, storytelling, elevator pitches and just general self-discovery. This was a great course with amazing, enthusiastic presenters and I recommend it to everyone."
Ashleigh (Auckland, New Zealand)
"I've finally met a group of people as passionate as I am about change. It's re-motivated me for the cause and I've made some awesome friends in the process."
Mitch (Perth, Australia)
"This program is inspiring. Take a leap of faith. I found people to share my opinions and my thoughts and my inspirations with who have similar interests and like what I like."
Tahj (Melbourne, Australia)
Ebony (Brisbane, Australia)