Vietnam Day 4

After an early breakfast at 7:30 of pancakes or Vietnamese style sandwiches, we hopped on the bus as 8:15, ready for a big day. On arrival at the centre, once again we were greeted with huge smiles and hugs from the residents. A little man came up to us to hug us and tell us he loved us and another man asked, once again, for a photo of the GVN crew to put on his wall.

My assigned rooms for the morning were rooms 1 and 2 - the little kids! It started with Emma and I taking turns with one entertaining and playing with the kids outside and one taking the kids who were in wheelchairs for a stimulating walk around the block. At 9:30 it was time for lunch, and the kids' all too familiar bowl of rice was brought out, which Emma and I fed to Mai and Zoy.

After lunch, the three of us played some ball games. Zoy, who had difficulty using his hands, would pick up the ball with his feet, lie on his back and catapult the ball at me do I could catch it. We did this for a while, I was so inspired how even though he had these disabilities he was still motivated to throw a ball like a child without disability! After, Mai joined in and we did an adorable pass to pass. Then I got the chance to hand out some lollies and biscuits to the kids, and seeing their faces light up was amazing!

Eventually, it was time for nap time and we carried the kids one by one into their beds, changing their nappies for what would probably be the first time all day and put them down to rest.

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