Vietnam Day 6, Part 1

Wednesday night was crazy; I was so tired from the orphanage that I completely crashed at the hotel. I was so tired that I fell asleep fully dressed in my day clothes, with my backpack and satchel beside my face and blanket folded neatly at the foot of the bed. My two other roommates, Tamara and Tash were completely surprised to see that I was in the exact same state that they had left me in a couple of hours earlier. Tamara so kindly draped the blanket on me and removed my bags from the bed after I apparently grumbled at her, this night led to our final day at the orphanage.The last day at the Centre felt like any other day, I woke early, at about 6:30 am and took a shower feeling relieved to feel the hot water. At about 7:30 am, my roommates and I made our way to breakfast where we chowed down some pancakes. We had the choice of a Vietnamese bun, egg and coriander or pancakes which were both equally as delicious but we ultimately decided on the pancakes. After breakfast, we made the trip back to the Orphanage on the bus. We were a bit upset to think that this trip on the bus would be our second last trip to the Orphanage! We still had the trip after lunch but still, it was upsetting to think about. On this day, we were assigned rooms, like any other day but today I was assigned room 7. As I walked in that morning, I had gotten the opportunity to see my students who I had previously taught math and English to on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was so fulfilling and beautiful to hear them greet me by name. I walked in and heard some of the kids say “Emma,” as they gathered around to see who else was joining them that day, it was the sweetest thing. On this day, I got to see a beautiful little girl who is blind. For a couple of days, I had grown close to this child and I would hum continuously to her and this day was no exception. I played with her and with so many of the other children as well. We did puzzles, I helped feed them and I also watched a part of Frozen with the children and as I saw my little girl, I could have sworn that she said “let it go.” I was over the moon to hear her say that but now I don’t even know if it was a hallucination or if she truly said it since her words only lasted a split second, but that split second made me so happy. We stayed at the Orphanage for as long as we could until we had to leave the centre so that the kids could sleep, but before I left she grabbed onto me and it was so hard to turn away from her. I knew when I would come back that afternoon, that it would be harder for me to turn away. At least before leaving that morning, I knew that I could still see her after lunch but after that, I knew I would not be able to see her or the other children again - at least for a little while. This was the beginning of an emotional end!

XOXO Smirks

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