Holiday Fundraising!

Thai 1Every year my grandmother sends me a new electronic toothbrush for theholidays. I’m not sure if she thinks my oral health is so bad that I need a brand new electric toothbrush each year or if she can’t remember which grandchild she sent it to the previous year so we all get new ones. Needless to say, I now have a collection of toothbrushes I can take with me wherever I go and never need to worry about losing.

This year, I’ve decided to ask my grandma for something different. No it’s not the hover-board Justin Bieber has and it’s not that iPhone 18. This holiday season I asked her to invest in my dream. This year I asked her to invest in the opportunity for me to become a leader.

It’s been my dream to help other people for as long as I can remember and now that I am a Youth Ambassador I know my dream is becoming a reality! I’m fundraising for the opportunity to develop myself as a leader both locally and globally. I want to travel abroad and experience what grassroots international development is! I want to meet other young leaders like me rwa 1from around the world who are ready to create positive social change! And I will make a difference in the lives of others.

So, this holiday season invest in opportunity. Invest in the opportunity to see me take on the challenge of developing myself to become the greatest force possible for positive social change. Invest in the opportunity to see a young person do something only adults are allowed to do. Invest in me taking my first steps to leave my mark on this world.

Happy Holidays from the Youth Ambassador Program ☺


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