Highly Ambitious

Almost my entire life, I have been striving to achieve one goal, one dream.  Having met dozens of people similar to myself, people with big dreams, and ideas, I realized that there is a problem I've been facing, a problem which all these amazing people were facing too. I grew up, being called “highly ambitious”, and as I got older and becameinspiring youth kiana UN more aware of the way people reacted to my crazy ideas. I noticed there are three types of people I come across every day; those who tell me I’m crazy, and it’s impossible to achieve such goals, those who are unaware of the hard work required to set and achieve such a goal and tell me “it’s easy”, and those who ask questions, who are supportive, and want to come on the long journey with me.

I know my goals are never going to be easy to achieve, and there is always the chance of failure, but it’s the ride that is the most fun, and I, if being known as “highly ambitious” hit a repetitive bump in the road, so be it.

My parents, can’t go a year without making a huge change in their lives, they believe that change is the key to growing,and the key to becoming more successful in who you are and what you do in the world. We get to choose the journey we go on, and the journey my parents have chosen is full of bumps and turns and warning signs, but without these, they would never have gotten to where they are today, and I would never have chosen the journey I am on.

Recently, I learnt that there will always be people who will call you unrealistic, people who don't understand the hard work and sacrifices you have to make to get to where you want to be. But I also learnt, there will always be people that will want to come for the ride, people that love the thrill of stepping into the unknown and taking risks as much as you do, people that are there to support you, and I learnt that being highly ambitious, is more of a good thing, than a bad thing.

Because anyone that ever created change, was also once called highly ambitious.

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