Vietnam Day 7

This morning we went to a 5-star hotel call Sedona in Hanoi, everyone was overwhelmed by what they saw, we were expecting the hotel to be something similar to what we had for the first night, just something simple and cosy. Instead we were welcomed by huge buildings with balconies, a huge swimming pool, then greeted by people wanting to carry our bags for us. We felt very special, it was truly a treat, then after an amazing lunch we time we explore the place. Most people went to the spy walk around, for the other half were in bed resting due to sickness. During that time each room had their feedback section with Cat and Caitie, we had some good discussions on how to make the program better for future teams, also talked about the things we found enjoyable in our trip. Some of us took the break time to have a heart to heart in our rooms, I had the pleasure to befriends a few close friends that are similar age to me. A few of us shared our life story, listening to those stories brought me closer to them. Telling my story was more difficult than I thought but once I told my friends, I was relieved, they accepted my past and supported me. Those are the times that I am going to treasure for the rest of my life.

For dinner that night we went to the biggest buffet I have seen in my whole life, Tia loves her seafood, her plants were full of seafood. A few girls were sick so they didn’t try a lot, but I heard the pumpkin soup was good, because that’s all Holly had. Personally I loved the desserts, the coconut ice cream was amazing. Basically everything is good there, I was very thankful that the leaders took us there. We did some dancing outside where people were singing, that was the first time in the whole trip where I did a little dancing, I was too embarrassed earlier in the trip. It was fun. We ended the day with workshop 3, which was talking about future trips opportunities and being leaders etc. which got me both excited and sad that the trip is near the end. It was exciting seeing the girls excited talking about doing more trips and also fundraising for medical supplies for Ba Vi, seeing the changes this trip has made to everybody. At the end we played a game call poroporoaki, it's a Maori word, but basically you thank or say something nice about the group then the two people sitting next to you. I enjoyed that because thinking about it, I have a lot to be thankful about and something we are thankful but we just don’t say it, which doesn’t mean anything because the other person doesn’t know. Then we ended the night with a group hug :)