Vietnam Day 2, Part 1

This morning I woke up at around 7am and went to go find some wifi to contact my family to let them know the plans for today. Then went back to the room to start getting ready for the day, today we are off to shopping at the markets and a lot of sight seeing! It's going to be amazing to see more of this beautiful culture and learn more about the way they do things. At breakfast we were on the top floor of the building and the view was spectacular! It was gorgeous to see across the city and be able to view it all at once. We then went down and finalized getting ready before we met for a language lesson and then talk over what the plans were for today. Language lessons are fun, we all have fun and are learning it really quickly. We are all getting to know each other also and discover new things about one another. Also the differences from where we are all from like for example the New Zealand kids don't know what big w and fruit tingles are. Got us Aussies in shock!  We left the hotel and walked to this giant historical church where they were praying and singing. It was very spiritual, then a few of the girls went and sat in this little cafe and tried the condensed milk iced coffee and claim they were "life changing" they weren't too bad for someone who doesn't like coffee. We then walked to the old prison and that was very emotion and got a lot of us right in the feel. Seeing some of the photos of what used to happen there was sad and really put things into perspective on what we have. We are now waiting for the others to finish up looking and then we are off to lunch!

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