Preparing for Vietnam

I believe travel is a cathartic aspect of human existence, Everyone experiences it differently and creates different expectations prior to departure. Regardless of the motive, travelling inspires. Firstly, the thoughts and actions conducted by travel arrives in three steps (or at least for me); Pre Assumptions, Self-Assurance, and Wonder, which no doubt occupy mind until first stepping foot in my destination.

Pre Assumptions:



Still feeling naive and cautious about the world surrounding, this trip has conjured a pool of emotions before even stepping into the airport. I am not the kind of person to leave a store or an event by myself let alone my country. Thus, the mixture of anxiety, excitement and curiosity is slowing beginning to burn through my thoughts. On a more specific note, In travelling to Vietnam, I have gone over these thoughts a million times already, depriving me of sleep the night before the trip. To have the experience and the personal capacity to not only leave Australia alone but for the benefit of other who need care is what I believe is most important and absolutely mind blowing. My presumptions have hence excited me, in the most ethereal way possible and I am sure they will not disappoint.


This stage can be split into two; nervousness and calmness. I believe it also emerges around the stage of packing; that is when you begin to actually realise this is real. After almost a year of build up, Vietnam is finally upon us, and it's now at this pre-flight/day before the stage that I start to feel that split. Packing is also crucial, the constant "I've forgotten something" or "there's no doubt I left my passport at home" starts to settle in a push out the excitement contained within. Thus, my self-assurance is needed in the sense of calmness and the experience so far has definitely displayed this. I have packed, and repacked, made lists just to make sure, then on the last look before leaving home for good, just taken a crucial moment to breathe.


The notion that I and like-minded girls are doing this together, and even the notion that there are people my age who care if not more than I do what happens in the world in the most progressive and open minded light gives me serious chills (in a good way) and aspirations for the coming week ahead. The feeling of wonder is universal and can be shared in many different ways. Travel alone conjures wonder but traveling for a cause is more. Sitting on the plane, surrounded by beautiful strong women around me, on the edge of taking off further illustrates the privilege we are embarking on and the hard work we have done to create such an unforgettable experience.

Thus, Vietnam 2016 is my liberation, my assurance, wonder and strength that I and my fellow leaders are creating a change and experience that we will never let go.

Needless to say, bring on the week ahead!

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