Vietnam Day 3

This morning was our last morning in Hanoi. After a quick breakfast we rushed back to our rooms and did the final pack of all our stuff. Several elevator trips later everyone was in the lobby of our hotel with multiple bags full of all the stuff that we had bought the day before. Backpacks ontop backpacks we crossed the busy streets of Hanoi for the last time of our trip heading towards Sword Lake where our bus would pick us up and drive us to Ba Vi where we would finally get to go to the orphanage. As our excessive amount of bags were loaded into the back of the bus and the back seats we piled onto the bus, put in our headphones and prepared ourselves for the hour or so trip ahead of us.

The scenery outside changed from the busy streets of Hanoi to the greenery of farms and crops. About an hour into the trip the bus suddenly comes to a halt stopping next to a pile of shoes and Catie and Cat run out of the bus and across the street to a small fruit stand. A few long minutes later of waiting for them to come back, we are greeted with a large back of Jackfruit. Soon enough the whole bus smelt like bitter mango amoung everyone voicing there opinions on whether they liked it or hated it.

Not long later, excitement filled the air as we pulled into our hotel in Ba Vi. Handing over our passports and collecting our keys we prepared ourselves for the first afternoon at the orphanage and disability center.

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