Thailand Day 1!

16th of January, 2016Traveling messes you up, but in all the good ways. It leaves you always craving more, it's an addiction that can never quite be met. Every place, every trip, every person is a new adventure and my new adventure started at 3 in the morning. After turning my alarm clock off for the 2nd time I finally realized what the 16th of January meant for me and 13 other girls. It was finally the day we had worked so hard for in the last year. With the help of our amazing friends and family giving generous donations, endless chocolates to sell and fun packed movie nights it was finally the day to head off to Thailand to understand all there is to know about elephants, while at the same time learning how to help.12471862_1056577537716625_5936842162959313929_o

After meeting a fellow Brisbane Youth Ambassador we boarded a plane to Sydney so we could catch up with Cat and the rest of the girls. After the realization of a gate change we had no clue what the rest of the girls looked like. This problem was soon solved as soon as we arrived at the right gate. We spotted or more like heard a group of loud girls laughing like they never have before.

A 10 hour flight later and Cat was gushing about the "new" movie Brave that she watched on the plane, girls were making Vlogs and unfortunate Jess was looking for her bag, which we later found out was left behind in Sydney. A long flight is bound to make 13 teenage girls starving. As a result we went to our reservation at a restaurant called Cabbage and Condoms. Which is an excellent organisation that provides family planning, safe sex education and of course condoms to locals.

For some this trip is the first time traveling overseas let alone an economically developing country. Even though some were overwhelmed by the lights and fast paced environment, I know for a fact that after this trip everyone's mind will begin to itch over the idea of new places they haven't been and new cultures they haven't experienced.


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