Thailand Day 5!

Day 5: 21/1/16 Today I woke up really excited for the day, as we will soon be harvesting more bamboo for the elephants, and swimming and kayaking with them in the afternoon. We were so lively and energetic durning breakfast, that even played a quick cheeky game of Mafia. After breakfast everyone sat together and talked about a previous challenge Cat, and Katie set for us for the past two days and present each other our findings. The challenge was to take a picture/video which represents 2 sustainable development goals (bio diversity and Inequality).12573146_817234761755094_5806855787153502293_n

As we were showing each other the photos/videos and explaining their meaning, the group shared a lot of interesting opinions and observations about these two topics. The most interesting discussion I found was when Nina (aka Hollywood) showed us a picture of the kids at the local school playing with each other in the outdoors. She made a good point that in some ways the kids in eg Australia or America are experiencing inequality than eg kids in Thailand. From her and the groups past experiences, we observed that the local kids in Thailand feel very comfortable walking around and playing in their community and most importantly, will have a lot of fun playing simple games like skipping and clapping games. However, in eg America and Australia/New Zealand children aren't often allowed to wonder and play in the streets and more commonly will use their phones instead of interacting with people for entertainment and will often get bored more easily. We are aware we are generalizing, but from our past experiences we found a unexpected "reverse" inequality that children in developed countries aren't having as interactive, social childhoods as kids in less developed countries due to advanced technology.10352568_817234458421791_1032048817949753284_n

After this D&M (deep and meaningful) we all went to a bamboo field to harvest some for the elephants. As this was the second time, we were a lot more sufficient getting the bamboo on the truck, special mention to Lizzie (lizard) who cut the bamboo incredibly fast and MagicMaddie whose job was to jump on the harvested bamboo (even though she is the smallest girl in the group). I personally find cutting the bamboo tiring but therapeutic and a lot fun. I still find it so surreal doing all these new experiences; who would have thought in my life time I'd learn how to harvest bamboo?

When we finished farming, we went back to the house to cool down and chill. We had delicious pad Thai and were lucky to stop an ice-cream man driving past our house.


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