Thailand Day 5 - Part 2!

21/01/2016 In this afternoon when we had the delicious pad Thai, we got ice cream from Caitie as a price of getting a good photo. At 1:00 pm we played our recent favorite card game, Mafia, we all spend this time with joy and full of fun, and I am sure that this time of one week that we are spending together will be one of the best memories of everyone of us. At 2:00 pm all of us got to choose our own elephant to get them to the river, Shee, and wash them. I got a 4 year old elephant to get him to the river with his mahout and mahout's little cute girl. we all went to the river and washed our elephants and had a wonderful ride, and beautiful group photos also so many selfies and videos. It was a wonderful experience of riding my cute and cheeky elephant that I never had.12549128_1652972244954500_8723734368894769701_n

After the elephant ride, we all went for kayaking, for me it was my first time for kayaking, I got to be with Kenya and Laura, and I was one of the two paddlers. I wasn't a good paddler as others, on the way back our boat tipped over. I felt really bad and sorry for both of my partners. We got back to the bank and our boat was full of water, Caitie and Lauren came over to help us to get the boat to it's place. Although I felt quite guilty and embarrassed, I really enjoyed and also everyone else had a fantastic time.

When we got home all of us had shower 'bucket shower', which is so fun,and some of us washed our own clothes by hand. All of them are great experience, and I really enjoy it, everyone of us here, can get to live one week of our life like Surin villagers, which is a great lesson for some of us and can be really helpful to make ready to achieve our goals. At 6:30 pm we had delicious rice with chilly chicken. We are going to have chats and hopefully play Mafia game, and we are going to wake up at 6:30 am tomorrow for breakfast.


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