Thanks Vs Thank You

Whats the difference? How many times a day do you reckon you say thank you to somebody; not thanks but thank you; and sincerely mean it?    Sure we can say thanks but everyone knows that it’s a shortened version of thank you and therefore I see it as only a half-hearted way of thanking somebody. I read this book called 365 Thank You's. The author, John Kralik, was very negative and everything seemed to be going so drastically wrong in all areas of his life, that he felt he couldn’t escape from his own reality.   On a particular New Year he decided out of the blue whilst on a bush walk that it was time to set the challenge of writing 365 Thank You's. Throughout the duration of that year he was further inspired by the ‘Glad Game’ in the book Pollyanna, which he read to his younger daughter.  This game as the name suggests is finding things in your day that you can be glad about.

The rest of the book shows an amazing transformation of this man's life fromBonnie Kirkpatrick the simple act of being grateful and hand writing 365 Thank Yous to people he interacted during the day.

So, when was the last time you were grateful? / What are you grateful for right now? What can you do now to change your present reality?

You’ve got to do something different if you want a different result.

If you keep saying verbally or mentally to yourself:

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t understand/ a can’t understand maths

Then guess what!? You won’t be able to any of these things to the very best of your ability; because by the sheer nature of you saying or thinking those words – you are attracting all these negative things you don’t want. 

But if you are grateful for things in your life and have positive self talk then guess what!? Slowly but surely, things will start to go right as you are thinking positively and your attitude towards everything and everyone will start to change.

Here are some helpful tips on Gratitude

First tip:

  • Start simple; Start by looking at yourself in the mirror or when getting ready in the morning, and say 10 things that you’re truly grateful for. Don’t just say it – Emit a frequency. Science proves that the frequency of a positive thought far outweighs the frequency of a negative thought.


  • Instead of complaining how tired you are, be grateful for your health as it is keeping you alive everyday!

 Second tip

  • Write a simple handwritten thank you or email to someone who brightened your day.

When you are grateful you will receive positivity in abundance and things just logically seem to go right for you regardless of any situation you find yourself in; because of the change in your attitude.

I therefore challenge you over the coming weeks to embrace this attitude of gratitude.

And finally I’d like to end with a positive quote from Layne Beachley

"Ultimately, to achieve anything in life you have to believe that you can."

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