This is Your Team

Over the last couple of months, we have had an overwhelming number of young leaders step forward and apply to be Youth Ambassadors for The Global Volunteer Network.  You have been chosen to be one of those Youth Ambassadors. You have chosen to make a commitment to yourself, to your community, and to your world.  You have committed to becoming the most powerful force of change you can and to living your life for a cause much bigger than yourself.

You are now part of a team.  A team of young people who will become leaders in their community. A team of young leaders who dream of changing the world.

Your team contains young leaders who have travelled around the world. They have visited Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Costa Rica, Italy, Cambodia, and many more. Your team contains people who were raised in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Indonesia, Fiji, and the United Kingdom.

A member of your team was invited to the United Nations in New York and sat in on a Special Assembly.  A member of your team has been awarded for their outstanding commitment to volunteerism.  A member of your team has been invited to speak in front a group of women who are much older and more experienced than her.  A member of your team helped fundraise to build a school in Cambodia and sponsors students there so they can have the same level of education we easily receive. And a member of your team travelled across the world to teach English in a rural town in South Africa.

This is your team.  This is what you are a part of.  This is what you have committed to.

Your team is diverse.

Your team is motivated.

Your team is amazing.

You are amazing.

We thank you for your commitment to becoming a Youth Ambassador and we cannot wait to see the impact you all leave on this world.


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