Vietnam Day 2, Part 2

Visiting the jail and learning about the colonization of Vietnam by the French people I felt an instant connection between Australia and Vietnam. The similarities between the two counties were minimal but still significant. I felt a mixture of emotions while seeing the prison and the way these people had to live.After the jail we visited the women's museum I was so excited for everything I was going to see. As I read the stories of strength, perseverance, unity and courage it hit me. WOMEN ARE FRICKING AMAZING!!!! Looking at the faces of these honourable women who's faces tell stories that their mouths can't. The more I read about these women, the more I wished that they were here to tell me their story. The Vietnamese people have an amazing story and I feel that not many people know or acknowledge it. And again... WOMEN! We rock! That FACT has been supported by the amazing women I have met on this trip. Each and everyone of them has amazed me with their ability to leave their countries, families and friends to come to Vietnam and volunteer. I feel the women on this trip haven't given themselves enough credit for the amazing human beings they are. In such a short time we have become like family. And it's comforting knowing my family is over 6,000 kilometres away and I still have a family here. Shopping was awesome. I loved being able to get my family and friends gifts and able to share my experiences from Vietnam with them. Vietnam is so different to anything I have ever known or ever experienced. From being petrified of planes, crying when I left my family to wandering the streets of Hanoi and having the time of my life. I am extremely excited for tomorrow and to do what we set out to do. We may not be able to change the world but we can be the change we want to see.

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