Words Can't Explain

In the September school holidays of 2015 I left for a 10 day immersion tour IMG_0129 to Timor Leste one of Australia's closest nations, yet one of the poorest. During the tour I visited the capital of Timo, the city of Dili and then the extremely rural mountain villages of Railaco and Remexico. Here we lived with the locals, and interacted with the students. We had the chance to teach them and create friendships. I became completely immersed in the life of poverty-stricken people, but also the most joyful I had ever been in my life. I became so perplexed as to how people with so little could find so much joy and happiness in the most unfortunate of situations.

One of my most memorable experiences was assisting in a medical run and food drop. I witnessed so many malnourished children who lined up calmly and patiently to receive their meal. The children were so excited and met us with huge grins and traditional songs. It was so humbling and I felt extremely privileged that I could assist in the smallest of ways by handing out food. At the medical drop, I was lucky enough to take the blood pressure of people in the village and work closely with the amazing Father Bong. The children were so full of energy so keeping them still for their examinations became extremely difficult!

This experience has changed my life forever and it's so hard to believe that IMG_0135just 10 days can change a person and their perspective! I would absolutely, without a doubt, recommend an immersion tour to anybody and would also do it again. It reinforced that I should utilize all my opportunities in life for those whom I've met in Timor that may not be able to. It also gave me a first-hand experience into the power of youth in leading change and empowering the global community!



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