The Global Youth Ambassador Program was designed to bring young leaders, like you, together from around the world. As a Global Youth Ambassador we want to equip and inspire you to become social change agents and change the world 

We are here to get you to start thinking critically: What gets me excited? Why am I passionate about creating change?

The GYAP introduces new skills and opportunities, but most importantly, instills the self confidence that young leaders are capable of initiating change in themselves, the local community and the world. We are excited to work with some of the best and brightest young leaders ready to change the world and we are thrilled to welcome YOU to the GYA Team!


Applying is your first step! You can do that HERE.

The application is only a few questions, but for us the answers show us a lot about how you see yourself and how you see the world around you. You will hear back from us in about 2-3 days with the results of your application. If you are accepted you will be briefed on what the next steps are.

If you are accepted you will be invited to join us at an international trip and be considered for our advanced leadership conferences. There are many opportunities as a Global Youth Ambassador and we can't wait to share them with you! 


The GYA Program is designed for young leaders. Young leaders are busy! You have class, sport, and not to mention friends! We know that things happen and your time can disappear quickly. That is why we designed this program to be flexible.

You aren't restricted to participating this year or next year or even the year after! Once you are accepted you can participate until you are 21 years old. That gives you a lot of time for fundraising, life planning, and whatever else life is throwing at you!

Confirming your placement:

Trip: In order to confirm your spot for a trip, you need to put down a USD$250 (nonrefundable) deposit. This will secure your spot on the specific trip you have chosen. This also allows us to put down a deposit for our accommodation and transportation while you are in country.

The rest of your tuition needs to be raised 2-months before your departure date

Train: In order to confirm your spot for a leadership camp, you need to put down a USD$250 (nonrefundable) deposit. This will secure you spot in the specific conference you have chosen. 

The rest of your tuition needs to be raised 1 month before the conference start date


We encourage all of our Ambassadors to do some kind of fundraising. Fundraising is a great leadership tool and will improve your public speaking skills and  help you engage your community in the causes and issues you are passionate about! We love when parents support their kids but we want to know that this is what YOU want and you're ready to take a big leap as a leader to achieve it.

You are also welcome to personally fund, or have a family member fund, your entire trip. Some people are not able to do this so fundraising is the best way to have a change to travel with us.


 We want to continue to invest in you! Our alumni network has access to amazing opportunities that few others are privileged to receive.

Thanks to our amazing partners and connections we have around the globe we are able to offer internships, jobs, and experiences that few young leaders have the chance to experience.

The GYA Program will continue to invest in you. Once you are on our team we DO NOT forget about you.