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The page has been set up for you, but I encourage you to start out by doing some customizations.

  • Add your name and a picture of yourself

  • Create your own page title (ex. Your John's Uganda Marathon Page)

  • Add your own text to create your own voice

  • Share your goals and why you joined the program

By launching your fundraising page you agree to the following:

  1. I have read and agreed to GVN FOundation's legal terms of service

    • Three important facts covered in our Legal Terms of Service are:

      • By law as a non-profit all donations are non-refundable.

      • Only US citizens are eligible for tax deduction but the program is available to Youth from any country.

      • We are a registered U.S. non-profit, all donations are in US Dollars (USD).

    • In launching my fundraising page, I acknowledge that my parent/guardian has approved my involvement in the Global Youth Ambassador Program (only if under 18 years old) *

    If you have questions about either of these statements please contact us before proceeding.