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The 2016 marathon funded the entire 2017 school year lunch program! We aim to fund 2018 with the 2017 marathon proceeds!

Since February 2008, The Real Uganda has provided a hot lunch for 120 students and 9 teachers at Nalusse Success Primary School in Mukono Town. Nalusse Success is located in a semi-urban area. Many of its students come from single parent homes. In fact, you'll find many of its students selling fruit and other snacks in the evenings in order to contribute to their household incomes.


120 students and 11 staff members of Nalusse Success Primary School will get a daily hot lunch for the 2018 school year. This improves attendance, student performance, and teacher retention. 

Getting a hot lunch is important to these kids. Many students even come to school without breakfast. Before the hot lunch program became free the kids ate only a small dry bun with sugary juice for lunch. They are now served maize meal (posho) with beans. As a result, students are energetic and able to learn better.

This program is contributing to their personal development and to the development of Uganda in the long run. But it costs a lot of money over time. Money the school simply does not have. In order to keep the program going we need sponsors. The annual budget is $3,900 – which includes all food, cooking oil, salt, charcoal and salary for the cook.

Christian Heritage Centre Land Purchase

Christian Heritage Centre (CHC) was founded in 2003 by Robert Lutaaya. Its main goal is to bring food security and psycho/social development to Najjembe, in Uganda’s Mabira Rainforest. They aim to help villagers be more proactive in their ability to live spirited lives, make a living, and stay healthy. They do this by tending 2 demonstration farms and by offering child focused primary education to local children.


Administration, teachers, and over 350 students of CHC primary school will benefit from having properly educated, long-term teachers at school. 

Since the school is located in a remote Rainforest, it’s not easy to find educated people in the local area.CHC bought a small plot of land adjacent to the school to build teachers quarters with the proceeds of the2016 marathon. The teachers will then be offered housing as part of their salary. We hope to complete that housing with the funds raised in the 2017 marathon

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