Once donations have been received by gvn foundation, we are bound by law to ensure they are used for charitable benefit: returning them to a private citizen is not allowed.

GVN Foundation is a registered tax-exempt non-profit organization in the United States (often referred to as a "501(c)(3)" organization).

As a registered non-profit, GVNF is required to meet and uphold the legislative regulations and federal tax requirements associated with 501(c)(3) registration. As a 501(c)(3), tax receipts are provided to all donors. For this reason, donations made through the GVNF fundraising platform are non-refundable and must be used for charitable purposes'. (Donors in the US are eligible to apply for a tax rebate on their donations; donors from other countries are recommended to check the rules and regulations of their country regarding the use of the tax receipt.)

As noted, the reason that donations are non-refundable is tied to the GVN Foundation meeting legislative requirements and using donations in line with our charitable mission.

However, we understand that personal circumstances may change and should this happen, we can offer you two options:

  1. A Gift Certificate for the total net donation (less USD$250 for administrative purposes) towards any GYAP program in the future. The credit is valid for an 18-month period from the date the credit note is issued.
  2. Donate the funds on your GYA fundraiser (excluding any Scholarship received and less $250 admin cost) to the GVNF Youth Scholarship Fund to help other Youth Ambassadors. We are passionate about supporting youth that are financially restricted from participating in an international opportunity and this option allows us to provide opportunities for more young leaders committed to personal development and global change!
  3. Funds can be donated to grow and develop the Youth Program. This donation allows us to use the funds where they are needed most, such as to support a Youth Ambassador struggling to raise the final total for the international trip or further develop our leadership development opportunities!

If you would like to withdraw from the Global Youth Ambassador Program please go here.