We are proud of our program and the hard work our Global Youth Ambassadors put into making this program even stronger. Here is what some of them have to say about what it means to them to be a Global Youth Ambassador!




SCYLF Leadership Conference

Sydney, Australia

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5-Day Leadership Camp



"This program is inspiring. Take a leap of faith. I found people to share my opinions and my thoughts and my inspirations with who have similar interests and like what I like."
Tahj (Melbourne, Australia)
"I heard about GYAP through my friend and instantly visited the website and was amazed at what GYAP did. I instantly applied and am really happy that I did. The possibility of changing the world feels more realistic now especially with the help of the friendly and fun Youth Ambassadors like me and the GYAP team."
Stephanie (Wellington, New Zealand)
"This program has truly exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend youth to apply for this program and be the changemakers they want to be! Because of this opportunity, I hope to achieve more opportunities to volunteer and make a difference. Thank you GYAP!"
Louise (Brisbane, Australia)
"I've finally met a group of people as passionate as I am about change. It's re-motivated me for the cause and I've made some awesome friends in the process."
Mitch (Perth, Australia)
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"This program has helped me gain confidence in myself, and in the changes I want to make in different communities. I had always heard about the 'ripple effect' in the past, but questioned whether I had such a big impact in the world. I realized how important I am, and that even though I feel so small sometimes, I can make a difference in this world too."
Asha (Perth, Australia)


Is a great experience for our youth to apply change and learn about less fortunate situations that they have in most cases, grown up with as a normal part of their life. They can carry these Experience's through out their lives and help others in less fortunate circumstance and this grows our young leaders into responsible, caring, well equipped young adults.
Bronwyn (Australia)
I would highly recommend the GYAP for Young Leaders and the support and communication from the Group Leaders was excellent. Chloe has benefited so much by broadening her circle of influence and I can see her volunteering and being a leader herself. Thank you Cat and Caitie and the rest of the Young Leaders.
Allan (Australia)

This has been an amazing opportunity for my daughter. She has met some other like minded people and had an opportunity to experience something different with them. Memories that I'm sure she will cherish.
Cassie (Australia)
Opening young people's eyes to the wide world around them can never be bad. Most people that travel overseas only get to see the 'tourist' areas and never experience the 'real' country and culture. The Youth Ambassador Program enables young leaders to really experience another culture and therefore have a better understanding and empathy for other people and their way of life.
Marilyn (New Zealand)


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