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“This trip has opened up myself to appreciate different cultures and how they live. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and in doing so has allowed me to learn and grow. As a result of this opportunity, a goal I would like to achieve is to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and join programs such as this one!"

Chenyang (Auckland, New Zealand)

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“This trip has definitely motivated me heaps by giving me hands-on experience in a field that I’ve always been interested in. It’s a huge opportunity to have and I’m so glad I could be a part of it during my teens so I can take the experience into my adulthood.”
Laura (Australia
“The biggest thing for me is it sparked my passion (increased it) for the world and life. And of course increased my knowledge and critical thinking skills. The sense of community and purpose for me has been really incredible too. Everybody here shares my passion.” 
Kenyah (Sydney, Australia)



"All the discussions that we had were very insightful and while playing with the elephants was fun the discussions were what really questioned my beliefs and made an impact on me."
Nina (Australia)

"For myself it has helped me to reinforce my values and potential pathways for my future. It has inspired me to continue learning about global issues and where I can be of help. I’m completely inspired to begin fundraising to help Bank receive her own bigger enclosure. I desire to continue to participate in volunteer trips abroad and stay in contact with GYAP."

Lizzy (Melbourne, Australia)

“I've learnt so much, I have a bigger appreciation for my home life and want to use my privileged circumstances to support empowerment and possible change in the world"
Edwina (Australia)


"It's an experience which a young leader will never get anywhere. The leader gets a great opportunity on what's happening in this world as there are lots of global issues to the environment and those living inside which involves humans and animals. By giving s chance to the young will help them to fight for the rights of humans and animals, and will have a better life for everyone in this world. As crimes will be less as these students will be the advocates to the nation."
Sumaiya (New Zealand)

"This has been an amazing opportunity for my daughter. She has met some other like-minded people and had an opportunity to experience something different with them. Memories that I'm sure she will cherish."
Cassie (Australia)
"Opening young people's eyes to the wide world around them can never be bad. Most people that travel overseas only get to see the 'tourist' areas and never experience the 'real' country and culture. The Global Youth Ambassador Program enables young leaders to really experience another culture and therefore have a better understanding and empathy for other people and their way of life."
Marilyn (New Zealand)

"It's a wonderful opportunity for youth to empathize, engage and encourage rural people from a developing country in the Asia-Pacific region. It is critical that these people experience first-hand the love, care and practical concern from young people - the future of our country (& world). The GYA program is a wonderful way of expressing our love, care and genuine interest in some of our regional neighbors - on their terms!"
Robyn (Australis)