Participants in GVN Foundation’s Global Youth Ambassador Uganda Trip will be expected to abide by  the following rules during their time in the program.  Failure to comply with the ‘House Rules’ as set out in this document may result in the early termination of a Global Youth Ambassador’s placement (without the possibility of compensation) .  If a Global Youth Ambassador’s placement is terminated  they will be required to leave Uganda at the time of termination. 


1. GVN Foundation Ambassadors

As a GVN Foundation Ambassador, we expect you to represent our organization in global communities with pride, respect and humility. The objective of this trip is to provide service to a community in need, while learning about grassroots community projects and the global issue of women's empowerment. We ask that you set your expectations in line with these goals, as this will thoroughly enrich your experience.

2. Culture

Throughout the Uganda Trip you will be alongside local families, communities, and placements. Although social expectation may dictate that you behave differently, attempt to find a happy medium between adopting local culture and retaining your own. This will include more 'modest' dress for women, using the Ugandan gestures of respect and gratitude where appropriate, and not appearing to dismiss Ugandan culture, even as a joke.

3. Accommodation

As you will share housing with other GYAs throughout your stay, we expect you to show respect for each other in the way that you share the living facilities. You will be expected to help with daily chores to ensure that the living and working spaces are safe and hygienic for all to use.

4. Transportation

Safe transportation (taxi and minivan)  to/from all locations is provided. Please make sure you know where and when you should be (where you are departing from)  and are on time so there are no delays in the schedule.

5. Travel Insurance

GYAP requires all participants to have travel insurance that covers them for the duration of their trip –from the date they leave home until the date they return. We would recommend ensuring any travel insurance policies you are considering cover you for travel to Uganda and for a traveler of your age. As well as ensuring you are satisfied with the level of medical, evacuation, cancellation/loss of deposits, valuables, and delayed/lost luggage coverage. GYAP will require the details of your travel insurance policy, including the policy number and 24 hour claims and information phone line.

6. Alcohol and Smoking

Global Youth Ambassador’s are prohibited from drinking alcohol or smoking during the time that they are in Uganda taking part in the program (including free time), and during transit to/from Uganda.

7. Leaving Program

If for any reason, you leave the program earlier than your scheduled departure, you will need to discuss this with us, in advance. You are not entitled to a refund of your program fee for your remaining project time.

8. Self-Reliance

Global Youth Ambassadors are expected to take initiative in both their work and personal affairs. The staff at the accommodation and placement will help you if required but be realistic about what you expect of them and don't ask them to do things that you can do for yourself.

If you have an issue with other participants or accommodation, while you are on your placement please talk to the other volunteers and the GYAP staff representatives on the Uganda Trip with you. If you have an issue with the placement please talk to your GYAP staff representative.  If everyone is reasonable and considerate of others, then all of us will have an enriching experience.  

9. Teaching

Political and religious natures are not allowed to be taught during any interactions within Uganda. We ask that you please be respectful in cultural, religious and political differences.

10. Relationships

Uganda Trip participants are prohibited from entering into a romantic relationship with other participants, local members of the community, or any staff members.

11. Guesthouse/Hotel Rules and Curfew

Uganda Trip participants shall not enter any other guest room other than their own, even if they have been invited, socializing will take place in common areas only.  Participants shall not invite friends over, or bring friends back to the accommodation where we will be staying.

For their own safety, even during daylight hours GYAs are requested not to wander the local area without the supervision of a staff member. If participants leave the accommodation during free time in the evening, participants will respect a 9:00pm curfew after which time they are not permitted to leave the accommodation.  Exceptions to this rule will only occur when taking part in scheduled group activities with the supervision of staff. There will be an 11pm lights out policy to ensure all participants get enough sleep to take part in the scheduled daily activities. 

NOTE: Please let your representatives know where you are going to be at ALL times. 

12. Post-­Trip Expectations

Often times, our GYAs build such great connections with the local community that they wish to continue their support when they are home. We would encourage this, but ask that you refrain from making verbal commitments of fundraising/funding to members of the community, as this sets an expectation you will then need to follow through on.

Ideas and suggestions for future support can definitely be discussed – your trip representatives from GYAP have wide ranging experience in fundraising and grants distribution, so we encourage you to speak with them regarding any ideas before approaching the community.