"I went to Vietnam to make an impact but Vietnam had an enormous impact on me. GYAP has changed my life"
Tia (Gold Coast, Australia)
"This program helped me in bettering myself and was very insightful and fun trip. Meeting the kids and being able to make them smile was magical."
Maneesha (Melbourne, Australia)
"An incredible yet confronting journey that has shaped me as a person. 10 out of 10 experience and amazing people."
Tamara (Sydney, Australia)
"This trip was an eye opener as it made me see the truths of some people’s reality and how we truly can sometimes take for granted the comforts of home and family."
Emma (Brisbane, Australia)
"This trip has definitely broadened my views and ideals of this culture and children with disabilities. I am absolutely privileged to have taken part and thankful for everything. I hope to travel more in the future and become a better ambassador."
Niamh (Sydney, Australia)
"This trip has opened my eyes to how much work actually goes into running this project and others in general. I’d definitely like to get more support for VIVPS and GYAP but also use my future Special Ed expertise to travel to other developing countries to teach."
Auntora (Sydney, Australia)


Fantastic opportunity for young leaders to gain an understanding of wider issues globally, gain more confidence, independence and a bunch of new friends who become like family. I would highly recommend it - thoroughly well led and organized by a great team/organization who keep parents well informed along the whole journey from fundraising through until the end of the trip. What a unique, life-changing experience.

Jill (New Zealand)

“My daughter came back with new insights and an increased awareness of the plights of the less fortunate in our world. She was fired up and in the process, made some wonderful friends. She was challenged, thrown out of her comfort zone and grew as a person. It was a wonderful experience for her and I wish we could all do this!”

Carolina (Australia)

“Vietnam 2016 has provided our daughter with an experience beyond expectation. She has come home full of empathy, love, compassion and a new appreciation for NZ and our basic health care. This trip about pushing personal limits, forming life long friendships and respect for other cultures. This is a life changing opportunity that every young adult should experience. We can't thank Cat and Caitie enough for providing guidance, support and love to the girls while in Vietnam. GYAP will continue to be part of our lives for years to come as Janelle is already starting fundraising for her next GYAP experience.”

Lisa (New Zealand)