We want to equip and inspire young leaders to act NOW

Social change, and ultimately global change, IS NOT JUST SOMETHING YOU DO when you’re an adult, when you’re volunteering, or when you graduate from university. It’s something you can BEGIN TODAY in your own community and for yourself.


- We develop young leaders through mentorship, hand-on training, and education through global experiences

- We spark a commitment to careers centered on innovation and social change

- We expose young leaders to a variety of role models and influencers to highlight opportunities and encourage a global mindset


Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen the power and the passion of young leaders working together achieve some incredible goals! Their futures have been shaped by experiences that inspire and empower them to be leaders in both their local and global communities.


The GYA Program was created to help young leaders gain access to opportunities not typically available to them. After working with young people and hearing them speak we knew they had a potential far exceeded the opportunities given to them. We saw firsthand the amazing things young people can do and how motivated they get when they see or experience injustice.

This program is an extension of a core belief. A belief in the power, the potential, and the promise all young people possess. When you give someone an opportunity they will often rise to the occasion. And right now it’s rare that these amazing young people are given the chance to prove their greatness.

The aim of our program is to help young people not only see their worth, but develop themselves as global and engaged citizens, they will learn empathy, they will experience what it means to work in a team, and they will finally meet like-minded young people who share in their goal of developing a better tomorrow.

We are often told the traits of a leader. A leader is outgoing, they give off an air of power, and they lead from the front. This is not a definition the GYAP agrees with. A leader can’t be put into a box and no leader can be known simply by how they look on the outside.

If you see yourself as a leader, you are a leader. If you think of yourself as a leader, you are a leader. And if you identify yourself as a leader, you will be a leader.  Yes the top students in your class may be fit as leaders, but why can’t the bottom of the class be too? What truly defines a leader and who is to say who can and cannot impact others?

If you believe in yourself, we want you on our team. If you’re unsure of yourself, but are passionate about others, we want you on our team. If you are willing to submit an application and take a leap of faith in yourself, we want you on our team.

This program is not meant to define people as leaders and non-leaders, but to redefine what a leader is and how a young person with a dream can impact the world.